Friday, May 19

Today I continued to go slowly into my program:

3 sets of push-ups, 15 reps each

3 sets of narrow grip barbell row, 15 reps each*

*bad form on last five reps of last set

I've done 20 minutes on my stationary bike, first thing in the morning (before eating) for the last 12 days.

Today I woke up at 5am, I have been waking up progressively earlier for the past 10 days.  My goal is to wake up at 5am EVERYDAY, including weekends while taking naps and going to bed early when I feel the need.  Waking up early is important to achieving my exercise goals because early morning hours are invariably free of disruptions unlike hours during the workday (meetings can throw off your schedule), or after work (social activities can disrupt your routine).


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