Day 37-42

Days 37-41 were complete rest days.  This was a mistake, in particular days 38-9, which were scheduled for weight workouts.  I was very tired in the morning because I ate too much junk food the night before and stayed up too late.  Not anymore.  These were also painfully counterproductive days at work and for other activities.  This experience has served as a reminder that junk food in large quantities is poison to your system, both physically and mentally.

Today: stationary bike 25 minutes, 5, 2 min rest, then 10 pull-ups

upper body workout:

3 sets of 15 repst, supersets of

narrow width push-ups (bw only) and narrow grip overhand BB bent-over rows (   lbs).

3 set of 15 reps of reverse crunches.


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